one year wiser


currently busy with final exam. next paper on this thursday and i haven't study yet. forgot to tell how disaster my last paper is! not even an A+, i don't know if i can get B either. thats how well my semester is going 😅

Annnddd today is my birthday. can't believe i'm 23 already 😱 celebrating my birthday with books and past years just like smart kiddos do. road to dean's award aminnnnn..

2016 is really tough year for me. start with sweet things, i got dean's award and i've accepted by yayasan bank rakyat which made my year so much! then the journey continue and it's tough. my result fall like seriously fall from 99th floor. saying goodbye to ANC award and i'm broke. getting fatter and fatter.

hopefully 2017 is not that sad. really really need to work things out. i mean everything! huhhh writing this made me sad thinking how bad my life is. so i end here. and the next time i'm writing, it will be my happy story.

bye bye 💗