something beautiful

true, it is beautiful when you're on that stage.

Alhamdulillah :) 12.11.2015 is my convocation date. it is a beautiful date. everything about that day is beautiful. 

some said it's just a diploma. but it has a huge impact on me. truly it is.

from the one who thought she will never succeed, she did graduate. The one who thought she can't do it, she made it. And there was a time when she was almost giving up, no, she didn't.

The prettiest moment is when your parents smile because of you. It just beautiful that I can't describe.

For almost three years, a lot of things had changed. I become the person who I wish I could be. That's how beautiful my life is. Alhamdulillah :) 

here're some pictures of my beautiful day:

My everything

Absolutely, I want this again. Struggling right now to strive better. Another time with ANC award!

It is true, so beautiful <3


just like usual

I'm drowning in my own thoughts

sobbss sobbsss