kau digelar sebagai penyeri dunia
hadir mu pelengkap hubungan manusia
bukan saja dilindungi yang biasa
malah adam turut sunyi tanpa hawa

akal mu senipis bilahan rambut
tebalkan lah ia dengan ilmu
jua hatimu bak kaca yang rapuh
kuatkanlah ia dengan iman yang teguh

"women was made from the rib of a man,
she was not created from his head to top him,
nor from his feet to be stepped upon,

she was made from his side to be closed to him,
from beneath his arm to be protected by him,
near his heart to be loved by him"

kuat. aku harus kuat. 

moga satu hari nanti doa kita dimakbulkan untuk dihalalkan.

tapi sebelum itu, aku harus kuat.

something beautiful

true, it is beautiful when you're on that stage.

Alhamdulillah :) 12.11.2015 is my convocation date. it is a beautiful date. everything about that day is beautiful. 

some said it's just a diploma. but it has a huge impact on me. truly it is.

from the one who thought she will never succeed, she did graduate. The one who thought she can't do it, she made it. And there was a time when she was almost giving up, no, she didn't.

The prettiest moment is when your parents smile because of you. It just beautiful that I can't describe.

For almost three years, a lot of things had changed. I become the person who I wish I could be. That's how beautiful my life is. Alhamdulillah :) 

here're some pictures of my beautiful day:

My everything

Absolutely, I want this again. Struggling right now to strive better. Another time with ANC award!

It is true, so beautiful <3


just like usual

I'm drowning in my own thoughts

sobbss sobbsss

what was it like?

what was it like to love him? Asked Gratitude.
It was being exhumed, I answered, and brought to life in a flash of brilliance.

what was it like to be loved in return? Asked Joy.
It was like being seen after a perpetual darkness, I replied. To be heard after a lifetime of silence.

What was it like to lose him? Asked sorrow. There was a long pause before I responded:

It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me - said all at once.

Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure.

the best of me

i love who i am when i'm with you

you're my dearest friend

my deepest love

you're the very best of me


being alone is the most hurtful feeling.

no you're NOT .

Allah is always there.




assalamualaikum :)

yeaaayyy alhamdulillah i've finished my diploma! so much thanks to everyone who had been there for me everyday through this journey. i'm blessed with all good people i've met and worked with. such a beautiful memory. alhamdulillah :)

so i am here at home sitting like a boss. hahaha dah habis belajar tapi menganggur je tahu. lama pulak tu. haaa amik kau makin besar la badan :'( tidaakkk mana boleh aku dah azam kot. azam dari kecik bila nak laksana ni. moga ada sinar dimasa hadapan hendaknya.

lately i'm in love with flowers. its pretty, classy, and charming. ohh and sexy too! especially when the flowers is pink! pink pink and piiinnnnnkkkkkk.

what i learnt is we, ourselves is also a flower. the flower that bloom on its own way. with very own colour. so i do believe it. we can bloom like a flower. its pretty and sweet.

sebenarnya ada banyak lagi nak cakap tapi dah tak reti nak buat ayat sebab dah lama tinggalkan sekolah dan sebab semua benda nak cakap tu ada dalam otak je nak buat macam mana tak reti nak tulis jadi sampai sini sahaja kali ini harap maaf akan dibaiki nanti atau mungkin tidak sebab dah tak reti tulis and blog ni mana orang baca haha update sebab blog ni nostalgia kot sayang kot mana boleh biar jadi sampai sini saja ye pandai pandai letak titik ke koma sendiri sebab nak tulis je tanpa gangguan sementara tengah tahu apa nak tulis okay lah bye.

five wisdoms

Five Wisdoms:

1) If you are right then there is no need to get angry, and if you are wrong then you don’t have any right to get angry.

2) Patience with family is love Patience with others is respect Patience with self is confidence.

3) Never think hard about the past. It may bring sorrow. Don’t think more about the future. It may bring fears. Live this moment with a smile. Trust in Allah.

4) Every test in our lives makes us bitter or better. Every problem comes to make us or break us However, the choice is ours, whether we become victims or victorious.

5) Search for a beautiful heart and not a beautiful face. Beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful. Love each other for the sake of Allah.

May Allah grant us the ability to be the best Muslims we can possibly be. In sha'Allah,


source: tumblr


Assalamualaikum :)

In the midnight where i want to sleep but i cant argghhhh. Hahahaha nak kata caffine lebih tak pun. Lucky i got you blog. Thanks for being there for me almost six years.

I watched a video clip of a new song by fazura. Tajuk dia sayangi dirimu. I think its beautiful. The song is beautiful. And of course the lyrics. I guess most of the people need this. Yeahhh thank you fazura. Besides you are so beautiful.

Just appreciate ourselves the best we can. I cant do this most of my time. There must be something i think lack in me, something is wrong and sometimes everything seems wrong.

Maybe some will not understand this but believe me i know and its hurt. Its hurt not to be someone you wanted to be. Its hurt to watched others. Its hurt to be judge by unknown just because you're something especially in physical.

I've been in many situation. The situation that trully humiliate or the situation where i got immune with it, i've been there. What can i say is you gotta to accept. How much you deny, how much the pain, just be tough.

I am lucky. I am lucky to have so much people who accept me as i am. I guess we maybe not lucky in something but we lucky in something too. Just make sure you make it shine, the part that you lucky in. Alhamdulillah for everything in my life.

This post is for the person who have the difficulties like me. I know the struggle, i know the pain, i know its hurt, i know the self critics, i know the feelings. There always be there. Just bear in mind, you know your hardwork, you know your effort. And the rest leave it to Allah. We have done as much as we can.

You're worth every inch. No, no one can judge you. Maybe one day you'll run the world. I read everything in media social and there's the day where i'm feeling so sad. Its like you're not even read what you write. I know you guys feels this too. Its okay, we are immune hahahahaha.

I guess thats all i wanna said. We are all lucky in our own :) just keep that in mind and heart. And the good heart is everything. Be a kind person and you'll look beautiful.

Sayangi dirimu.