tough is the only option

assalamualaikum :)

i got test tomorrow but i'm choosing to write in here instead of study. i don't know what to study, how to remember one book within one night. rasa macam nak berserah je esok.

huhhhhhhh sangat teruji rasa diri ni. tak pernah rasa berat sangat macam ni. betul betul rasa lemah, rasa down sangat sangat. i guess after today, everything will be fine. but not, lagi terbeban rasa.

being tough is the only option i got. seriously it's not easy to stand up right now. when all your body feels like drowning. i lost all my mood, my laugh, my joy.

next sem will be tougher i bet. aaaaa i'm not ready! i am not!


Anonymous said...

Banyakkan berdoa and berzikir. InsyaAllah dapat jwb esok. Iqin, you can do it! Good luck. Xx -jee :*

iqin said...

jee :*

thank you sayang :)
miss you