ups and downs

assalamualaikum :) yeaayyy i manage to upload. miss to write in here so much. yeahh, this semester is really thought me that life was never be easy. hahaha.. begin this semester with lots to think of, to be done and to be prepared.

but alhamdulillah :) everything went well. maybe not as i'm expected, but i'm glad that i made it! thanks to all beloved person who always be by my side. seriously support me, to tell me that i can, that keep me smile in my storm. i'm so blessed to meet with you guys. it's more than anything i could have.

all ups and downs in my life is a test from Allah, deal with is wisely. inshaaAllah ada jalan :) while writing this, i'm in the middle of something. it's not bad and not even good. i guess, ada hikmahnyaa :) so, bersabar lah wahai diri, akan ada penyelesaian. things will get better. smile everyday :) it's a cure.

precious moments through program:

tulang belakang program

assistant :)

first night

kilang padi..

i'm not joining this. sobbsss

my awesome exco~ 

cute them :)

mereka kejam terhadap ku,

menantu pilihan

jejaka goreng ikan. hahaha

with our new lovely mother :)

our room. seriously sejukkkk, best~

a few precious moments i could share. alhamdulillah for the chance given :) bukan semua dapat peluang yang iqin dapat. take the positive part and improve the negative part. first time run program bukan tugas yang senang. yeaayyy!! i made it. hahaha walaupunnnn~ to many things occur. 

and now, focus to study :) i can do it. inshaaAllah.. till we meet again. assalamualaikum~~

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