stop dreaming

it's the beginning of 2014 and i'm not in condition where i'm supposed to be. hahaha i mean, i should be happy instead of sad. imma sad girl today. have to go back to Penang on my birthday :( 

when i got free call and i'm able to called only two person. sorry whoever i didn't call sorry i got no time. tak berani nak call dalam bas, takut tergelak kuat. hahaha biasalah kalau dah sembang mak jemah tuuu, iollss punya ketawa je cukup dah. 

wake up early in the morning and realise i need to back to Penang. what's more worst?? haha sorry for being too emotional. sedih tauuuuu~ nangis macam apa je. and now, i miss my home, i miss my girlfriends, i miss my room, my bed, my everything.

i shouldn't start this year with this feelings, cheer up dear me! hope when i wake up tomorrow everything is gonna be okay :) bye

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brother selasih said...

Selamat Tahun Baru~ dan Salam Maulidur Rasul~
moga DIA permudahkan urusan hari-hari kamo0 nnt~