sem lima

assalamualaikum :)

yeaayyy i am so not lazy tonight. in the middle of semester break makes me feel like owns the world. waaahhh start start dah ada ayat hiperbola kemain. nampak tak excited bila cuti ni.

so i'm proudly finished my fifth semester. fuuuuhhhhh TIRED is all i can said. with tons of assignment and all. with the unstable emotional (my bad i admit). start dari awal semester dah macam macam jadi dah. rasa macam nak berhenti lalu mendirikan rumah tangga. hahahaha but i guess ada hikmah la semua tu :)

even i'm so tired but there is a space for joy. yeaahhh i'm so blessed with all my friends. a very good friend. thank you everyone! i'm so appreciate you guys. nak letak nama penuh sangat entry iollss nanti :D

this is my lovely, pretty, awesome housemates. kalau tengah mandi tu tetiba tuala kau hilang kan, tahu la siapa yang curi. kalau tengah stress ajak menyanyi menari joget joget sikit diorang la. kalau study muka ketat sambil nyanyi korea tu diorang la jugak. thanks for everything housemates <3

anti-social people nowdays

glad that i meet them :) so next is my PMKE (Persatuan Mahasiswa Kejuruteraan Elektrik). hahaha i'm not really active in this club but i do join almost everything and i love it :)

preparation for Majlis Anugerah Dekan. penat!

awesome crew~

thats a little bit review of my fifth semester. ada baik, ada buruk. but most of all, i'm greatful :) i learn a lot about this life. ecehhh.. my last word, appreciate everything~

tough is the only option

assalamualaikum :)

i got test tomorrow but i'm choosing to write in here instead of study. i don't know what to study, how to remember one book within one night. rasa macam nak berserah je esok.

huhhhhhhh sangat teruji rasa diri ni. tak pernah rasa berat sangat macam ni. betul betul rasa lemah, rasa down sangat sangat. i guess after today, everything will be fine. but not, lagi terbeban rasa.

being tough is the only option i got. seriously it's not easy to stand up right now. when all your body feels like drowning. i lost all my mood, my laugh, my joy.

next sem will be tougher i bet. aaaaa i'm not ready! i am not!

something we called hikmah

assalamualaikum :)

can't deny this semester really teasing me. so many things to be done, too much to think. hahaha baru diploma, belum degree lagi. inshaaAllah i can handle all this :) 

Alhamdulillah for supportive people i have. seriously helps me a lot. thank you for always advise me, listen to all my nonsense story. been there through everything. iolsss terharu gila sekarang ni. hehehe

hebat perancangan Allah ni. sometimes kita tak sedar, yang Allah dah atur segalanya. punya la sedih dulu bila apa yang iqin nak semua tak dapat. rasa macam tak adil pun ada. padahal dah beria gila gila. hahaha kemain impian iollss tau~

but i am redirect to something even better! i am thankful for all this.

hahaha tahu tak awkward nak tulis ni. rasa macam tak sampai je apa yang kongsi. haihhh.. maafkan saya :) nanti cuti sem iollss menulis sampai nak muntah. -the end-

i have to be strong

assalamualaikum :) 

it's been long time since i wrote in here. kinda awkward to start write again. where to begin? hahaha yeahhh i'm in my 5th semester now. one more sem to go! i can't wait to finish my diploma, seriously~

but this semester seems very tough for me. with lots if work, assignment and project. aaaaaa i don't know if i can :(  i guess i can, i know i am strong. yeahhh!!

struggle now for better future :) yes i can do it. 

i start to love cat

important chapter in my life,

i love cats! they are all cute :)

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha bye assalamualaikum~

keep calm yo!

assalamualaikum guys :)

currently having my holiday which i love a lot! hahaha my mind is empty, my soul is free~ eceh, kemain tau iollss.. but i'm waiting for my sayang Intan to get back. she's now struggling for her exam. all the best sayang :) i know you can, because i believe in you.

i write today just to share few things i found on tumblr. ohh i love tumblr so much. whenever you feel sad, scroll tumblr, seriously! hahaahaha.. this are for those who kind of mess with work or anything. happy reading~

small things to do that make your mind feel clearer:

        • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
        • delete all your text messages
        • delete negative people from social networks
        • throw some things away. just throw them away
        • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
        • drink 3 glasses of water
        • open the curtains
        • wash your face and brush your teeth

i feel like wanna do it :) to clear my mind. hahaha hope you guys get some benefits. 
May Allah ease everything for all lovely readers. assalamualaikum :)


i couldn't ask more than this. all this are blessing, alhamdulillah for lovely friends, lecturer and all :) finished my semester 4. even too many things happen, i manage to survived. thanks to guys who always there besides me through everything, the one who gave support when i said i can't. my life, our life is blessing :)

assalamualaikum :D