semester two part four

assalamualaikum dear bloggers :) in the middle of semester two and it still awesome. Alhamdulillah so far everything run smoothly. but, i am lazy ! yes, when it comes tu study i was like errr.. aaaaa... errrr.. i know its not good but ummm okay its not good.

not much to say in this entry actually. haha, motif sangat nak update tapi tak tahu nak post apa. banyak je cerita tapi tak reti nak cerita.. eh bukan, tak reti nak tulis. tengok gambar je lah ye :))


amir in our BEL class

me and wana


aaaaaaa, serious tak tahu nak tulis apa. thats all i guess. sorry for such lazy entry. oh ya, jangan lupa view MULAWA FASHION ! they got awesome hijab. okay bye alls.. may our life after this full of barakah :))