mid sem break

feeling good to be at home :) finally after a month with new semester. how's my new semester? great as usual. i'm lucky enough when there are several poeple that always be by my side through ups and downs. so, everything was great! eventhough i'm tired. yes, admit it i'm tired. but sure it'll be worth it at the end :)

will be going back to penang next week. aaaaa how time files so fast. baru balik kot :( sadisss. nak buat macam mana, ada amanah yang harus digalas. hope everything will be fine and smooth :) thanks to them because always teach me how to do my work, how to manage time and most importantly, i still got time for myself. 

do pray for me :) i'm afraid, i'm scared, i'm nervous. inshaaAllah Allah will help me. have faith and pray a lot. will give the best in me. will always look at the bright side and think positive thought.

hehe :D last but not least, thanks everyone who brighten my day everyday. especially to lovely, sweet housemates. yeahhh.. so in love with them :) may Allah bless our friendship..

it's morning!

good morning from us :)

one day tension with lab

persatuan mahasiswa kejuruteraan elektrik

with lisa <3

madness in lab

morning from us again :D

few picture that i could share. may Allah ease our journey. bye, assalamualaikum :)

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