assalamualaikum :)

how i miss to write in here. how i miss to tell a storyyy. lastly! so so, in the middle of semester break. kindda enjoy myself doing nothing. hahaha memang ahh makan, tv, online tidur. haha amik kau jaahhh~ tak produktif sangat cuti. hehe :D actually tak ada lah ghope gitu teruknya cuti, i kena jaga adik, masak dan segala hal dalam rumah ni. haaa nampak tak dah boleh kahwin? eh,

oh ya, my friends is going to sit for their STPM soon! i think its tomorrow. good luck sayang sayangssss :) inshaa Allah, Allah akan tolong kalau ada usaha. inshaa Allah.. i'm looking forward to meet you guys~

since i don't have interesting story to share yet, let us watch this inspirational video. happy watching :)

first is about family, do appreciate them :) and second, life is like a cup of coffee.. what are we really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but we consciously went for the best cups. be wise, do good and good will come to you, just make the best of everything. i hope this will inspired you guys as well as me. till we meet again, assalamualaikum :D

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Puteri said...

Wah, tersentuh :'(