happiness :D

assalamualaikum :)

i've been thinking to update this blog since last week but i did not got chance to do so. haaaa akhirnya dapat jugakk. haha acah acah ada benda penting je nak update kannn. ekcelinya, tak ada pun. okay nangis silaa, berguling guling sekali~~

hmm, happiness, lets take a moment to say it, imagine how its looks like, what does it mean. beautiful word, beautiful meaning :) motif apa tetiba ni kann?? haha tengah makan tadi, listen to Dr. Muhaya. tajuk dia ketenangan. and she remind to us to love ourselves, and spread it. easy way to achieve happiness :D

there's so many happiness in this world. just live your life and enjoy it. think but don't overthink. hopping for the best but expecting the worst. Allah already sets everything for us. keep your doa :)

entry dedicated to myself. haha terharu kejap buat entry untuk diri sendiri. terasa diriku begitu berharga, hahaha :DD and to sharing with you guyss~


Cik Mun said...

well..be happy :)

iqin said...

haha its easy :)

umm sometimes,


akmaL said...

suke tagline tu :)

hoping for the best but expecting for the worst