ehem, bismillahhirrahmannirrahim :)

assalamualaikum :)) haha a bit awkward for me to write in here coz i've not doing this for a long time. eceh, memula dah nak cakap omputih. sorry, bukan tak nak update tapinya tapi, i got no mood, no idea, no courage. so i just left this blog.

as for today i just wanna share something. i know i shouldn't share this but i don't know where to express. i'm now in semester three :) alhamdulillah sepanjang dua sem semuanya berjalan dengan sangat baik sekali. urusan semua dipermudahkan. and result, alhamdulillah sangat.. hope i can maintain my result or get better. ahh syiqin is sangat pemalas bila bab belajar.

hmm, now is the first week of semester three. but i'm heartless. everything seems so tough. dengan subjek nyaa, can you imagine i need to learn chemistry ! chemistry ! aaaaaa, i hate that subject. i don't know how i'll survive. hmm, never thought that i'll learn chemist here. tawakal je laaa.. its my choice, i choose this course. so, i just can accept. doakan saya agar dapat jadi seorang engineer kelak. sekali gus menjadi IR Norasyiqin.

and this semester i'm busy. way more busy. terlibat dengan program Sirah Musikal dan PKI. meeting anytime, with lots of works. but i'm happy to join it coz i've learn a lots. i just afraid that i could not able to manage my time. huh, i need to hire a PA for myself. haha mengada lebih syiqin nih. next week i'll be very busy. mohon fizikal dan mental bersedia. semalam baru masuk first class math and i was like "what is this??" "i never learn this before" "can i drop this subject". yess, its like that. 

but i believe i can do it. if they can do it, why wouldn't me kann. keep pray, istiqamah in study, manage my time, insyaAllah Allah will ease everything for me. haha memandangkan ini entry private, lets talk about love! hikhikkksss.. actually i've no one in my heart. ayat tak boleh nak jiwang lagi ke. but its true. love is not my priority right now. focus with my study first. tipu la kalau tak ada minat ke apa kann, but just berhenti dekat situ sahaja. in silence, deep down in my heart. for those yang tanya tu kann, i've give you the answer.

hmm, i really hope i can coop with whatever obstacle that may come. yes, i can !
rasa macam dah banyak pulak taip ni kan, so i'll stop here. sorry for update this kind of entry again~


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