wani's birthday celebration

assalamualaikum allss :)

haha firstly ceq nak mintak maaf sebab update seghupe itu on the older post. hehe seriously i got no idea but i have to update.
maaf ye :DD

so this entry just wanna share wani punya birthday. simple je. tak ada lah celebrate apa pun. just makan makan snap snap and sembang :) weolls telah pergi ke Putrajaya as dekat je pun. tempat dia sangat cantik. siapa nak dating sila lah datang situ. hahaha but hujan pulak time kami tengah makan. so, we just can sit in the wakaf je.

lets enjoy the pictures:

birthday girl :)

says NO to rokok !

may our friendship last forever. i will always love you wani. you're most honest person i've ever met. just want you to know, i'll never meet someone like you. never ! 
and to razman, wafi and khairul i love you guys too :))


assalamualaikum :)

how's your holiday?? mine was great ! but, biasalah sometimes bored to death. yeahh, normal la tu yedok.
hmm, actually i have no idea what to share. haha tapi gagah la tulis jugak sebab nanti kann orang tuu kann orang tuuu.. kayy, rahsia !

gaahhh, i still have no idea. kill me for make this entry. tomorrow is my result. i'm so afraid.
 the day after is my mom's birthday. okayy, i'm afraid. moga dapat baiklah hendaknyaa :)

thats all i guess, you guys can now kill me. i totally have no idea. and i have no idea why i still publish this entry.
i'm sorry for wasting your time by read this craps. hehe :DD