if its meant to be, it will be

assalamualaikum :)

just short entry. kelmarin i am really shock. i don't know what to respon. i never thought, at this age, i have to decide something important. something for your future, for the rest of my life after this. honestly, i memang tak pernah fikir. yesss, i'm still young. but some said, its a good thing, why you delay that?? well, i still have to study, i want to achieve my ambition first.
still got to get through long journey of life. 

i don't know. i just believe if we meant to be, we will 'diijabkabulkan' one day. will. because our jodoh dah ditentukan. i'm so afraid to give my solid answer. yelah, someone yang baik, taat perintah and all thing, its hard for me to decide. i'm afraid. i'm afraid. 

someday, when time is perfect. it will happen. don't ever worry. Allah has sets something. He knows the best. 
if we meant to be, we will be. do believe that. :)


amatsyarep said...

wamakaru wamakarallah, wallahu khoirul maakirin (:

iqin said...


.ANA. said...

u have to decide something? wahhh apakah? ada org lamar kee? hihi :D whatever you do, good luck!

iqin said...

haha, kind of. nasib tak bawak family..

okay thankss ain :))