to beautiful us

If you ever see a bad picture of yourself just think about sunsets

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a sunset with a crappy camera? It turns out like shit.  I mean that could be the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen in your life and the photo looks gross. 

That doesn’t mean the sunset  isn’t breathtaking, it just means the camera can’t contain it’s beauty.

just like you beautiful :) you are gorgeous!

2013 in review

in a few days, 2013 will end. hahaha amboi memula start je dah sedih kannn.. rasa sekejap je masa kann. how time flies so fast~ pejam celik pejam celik, i'm getting older. old you know!!

will enter 20's era. so, i guess i should be more matured. in thinking or in action. tak boleh nak mengada sangat.. tak boleh nak racist pasal colour ni. aaaahhh, pink tetap menjadi pujaan. 

my 2013 is full of bless :) alhamdulillah. so much good thing happen to me. there are people who always be by my side through my ups and downs. if ada masalah tu normal la kann. it as a challenge :)

few picture through the year. welcome 2014 :) hope it will change me to be someone better and matured. hahaha seriously 20 is old enough for me. never thought that i'll be like 20. bye 2013, hey 2014 :))

mid sem break

feeling good to be at home :) finally after a month with new semester. how's my new semester? great as usual. i'm lucky enough when there are several poeple that always be by my side through ups and downs. so, everything was great! eventhough i'm tired. yes, admit it i'm tired. but sure it'll be worth it at the end :)

will be going back to penang next week. aaaaa how time files so fast. baru balik kot :( sadisss. nak buat macam mana, ada amanah yang harus digalas. hope everything will be fine and smooth :) thanks to them because always teach me how to do my work, how to manage time and most importantly, i still got time for myself. 

do pray for me :) i'm afraid, i'm scared, i'm nervous. inshaaAllah Allah will help me. have faith and pray a lot. will give the best in me. will always look at the bright side and think positive thought.

hehe :D last but not least, thanks everyone who brighten my day everyday. especially to lovely, sweet housemates. yeahhh.. so in love with them :) may Allah bless our friendship..

it's morning!

good morning from us :)

one day tension with lab

persatuan mahasiswa kejuruteraan elektrik

with lisa <3

madness in lab

morning from us again :D

few picture that i could share. may Allah ease our journey. bye, assalamualaikum :)

back to study yeahh

heyyy, back to study~ hahaha malas tahu takkk. damn i miss my home. 
i miss everything about home. normal laa rindu rindu time memula ni kan..

welcome new semester :) stay cool like last semester please. a bit scared because tanggungjawab agak besar sem ni. may Allah ease everything for me, inshaaAllah. hopefully my program will turn out fun and best program ever! 

okay, bye :D


why on earth i still care? why am i still stalk you. hahaha you're not worth. goodbye should be perfect for you. damn i hate you. 

hahaha memula je dah emo kemain. yeah coz you broke my heart. just for a second i thought you're different. haha my fault!

in very complicated heart condition. hahaha stop it! i should be more focus to my study. study comes first, love is the last thing. okay bye :)

kalau ada jodoh

hey, met wani for the last time today. imma sad but i don't want to show it. hahahhaaha. together with putri, jee and shafa. went to the lake at cyberjaya. nice view yaaa~~ it was fun although for a few hours. hopefully we can meet again. setiap pertemuan pasti akan ada perpisahan. till we meet again inshaa Allah :)

another tears

its been shocking for me. after nazree, wani is going to leave me. both my love, will be going soon.
hope can see you guys after this! gonna miss you very much~

its sad but ada hikmah disebaliknya inshaa Allah :)

all our memories will never fade. till we meet soon when we both finally catch our dreams :') i love you, always do <3


assalamualaikum :)

how i miss to write in here. how i miss to tell a storyyy. lastly! so so, in the middle of semester break. kindda enjoy myself doing nothing. hahaha memang ahh makan, tv, online tidur. haha amik kau jaahhh~ tak produktif sangat cuti. hehe :D actually tak ada lah ghope gitu teruknya cuti, i kena jaga adik, masak dan segala hal dalam rumah ni. haaa nampak tak dah boleh kahwin? eh,

oh ya, my friends is going to sit for their STPM soon! i think its tomorrow. good luck sayang sayangssss :) inshaa Allah, Allah akan tolong kalau ada usaha. inshaa Allah.. i'm looking forward to meet you guys~

since i don't have interesting story to share yet, let us watch this inspirational video. happy watching :)

first is about family, do appreciate them :) and second, life is like a cup of coffee.. what are we really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but we consciously went for the best cups. be wise, do good and good will come to you, just make the best of everything. i hope this will inspired you guys as well as me. till we meet again, assalamualaikum :D

shopping?? where? :O

assalamualaikum :)

heyyy :) Selamat Hari Raya Eid Adha :D tak lambat lagi kan?? hehe.. macam mana raya?? mine was great!! walaupun tak tengok sembelih lembu tuu. time kecik kecik dulu tengok lah, dah besar duduk dapur lahhh..

so, back to our topic. iqin bukan nak senaraikan list shopping mall yang hado, just want to introduce one of my friend's business :) dia ada jual t-shirt, design cantik, murah lagi berbaloi.. but, masih lagi baru, so ada banyak lagi yang kurang. lets support! 

they got new promotion :) grab it NOW~

like them at facebook, twitter, and also at instagram :D

ho ho holidayyyyyy~

assalamualaikum  :)

haaa nampak tak tajuk yang omputih yang kemain excited tu?? hahahaha haruslah excited yedok, siapa yang tak suka cuti ni.. setelah berhempas pulas selama beberapa bulan, akhirnya dapat lah beta cuti dan berehat sekejap. walaupun cuti ni banyak kerja sebenarnyaa.. 

so, by end of this semester imma happy but a bit sad. because next semester will not be the same :( and one of our housemate tak ada dah, dia practical sem depan.. rasa sedih sebab baru je nak rapat, dah tak ada. welcome new housemate next sem :)) 

as this semester, i'm so blessed with all poeple in my life :) i love everyone in it. i repeat, everyone~~ espescially to my housemates and wana who enlight my day :D and mangkuk sakai too.. just little problem will always occur. kalau tak nanti tak adventure pulak. so kira masalah tu macam adventure lah sikit. hahaha

hmm, lets take a tour with my semester:

yang tepi sekali tu our MPP.

i learn a lot joining this :) alhamdulillah for the chances i got

morning at SMK Aman Jaya, excited face to start the day

at PKI booth

in our lab

meet wana :)

what are we working for!

topik hangat semasa.. haha

warna warni aidilfitri. our last raya here, in penang

this is kema :D

fatimah who will be going to practical. will miss her

sambutan ambang merdeka

bonding of ukhwahfillah 

they are awesome

persatuan kesenian islam

pagi raya for our first final paper. mien is not there

yesterday, our last paper~

and now holiday begin~~ banyak aktiviti nihhhh.. may Allah blessed all of you beloved sahabat :) thanks for being there through ups and downs. maafkan saya jika ada salah dan silap. with love, norasyiqin <3