UiTM part 2

yeay ! i'm home finally after two months..

hehehe, haruslah happy. baru ada masa nak update blog, sebelum ni sempat nak blogwalking je.. so,, i wanna share some pictures ! hmm.. tak banyak pun. yang penting, my life dekat penang tu makin baik. alhamdulillah.. my friends there gojes belaka..

me, zuria and ain

me, lisa and sha

my classmates

we made our own breadboard


with guys

otw to bazar ramadhan

me and atun, my partner for EE class

doing our mini project

in BEL class.. muka excited habis

can you imagine i wear this heels?? tinggi tak macam orang dah.

a day before puasa

with awesome ain and shira

thats all pictures yang hado pun. next time i update lagi.. bye bye :)

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